Relationship Insights

They are the key to our existence on this planet. Our relationships with others both here and on the other side are the most important ways for us to stay connected both spiritually and physically. When they are working, relationships seem easy.


When they aren’t, that’s when things get difficult and this is where I come in. Using the messages from my guides, I can give you that confidence to make changes or perhaps the confidence to put yourself in the right place to meet the right people. Whatever you need or wish for, my connection is here for you.


Career Check In and Checkup

After questions about relationships, the next topic I get asked the most about is career and finances. Some people have blocks when it comes to finance and careers. Other times, it may be uncertainty about a possible career change or even what to do with the next door coworker! 


Whatever it is for you, I can help you. I can help you get clarity on what the issue is for you, along with possible interventions. This way, you can finally step out from behind the clouds and put your life back on track! Beyond that, I can also help you see your accomplishments and your gifts in a new light. 

Life Purpose Reading

For some, life purpose is about integrity and honesty. For others is about giving back, reciprocity and making a difference in the world. For others, it may be about having material wealth and comfort. Perhaps for you, it is about being a healer. Whatever it is, once we find our path, our lives seem to fall right into place. The relationships we have work. Our finances and career click. Knowing our life purpose is the backbone that holds it all together.

If you are lost, or unsure about your direction, this reading for you. My guides are here to speak up, to nudge into a different place, to help guide you in a truly spiritual way that will make a difference. Perhaps you are already on your path and you are questioning it? Perhaps you know your path is facing a fork in the road? Whatever the situation, let me delve behind the scenes and bring new light to your life and mission.

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